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Blue Trails


Blue trails is a small local company founded in 2020 located in the samll town of Aljezur, Portugal runned by a young couple who want to share there beautifull home with anyone who wants to learn more about the region.


Our main focus lies on giving our guests a wonderfull time  showing the beauty of the vicentine coast, it´s stories it´s nature, it´s culture...

Practically speaking this means that we will go for a hike where apart from stunning views we´ll get to know more about the local flora&fauna, also we think it´s important to tell you about how people used to live around this area, 10 or 1000 years ago!

As mentioned before our main perpose is giving you a great time, so it´s all up to you, you decide what you want to hear, enough of speaking? Just tell me! 

It´s your walk.

The heart of the Vicentine coast 


Costa Vicentina Natural Park

A fiew glimps of our tours

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Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
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Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails
Blue Trails

Stay with us

We are very happy to ofer you a pack of a hotel and a walk

Herdade monte do sol is a rural tourism with 5 independent villages. They consist of the master bedroom, bathroom, living room and fully equipped kitchen and private terrace. Here you can find a wonderful contact with nature and varied animals with a sunset where the smell of flowers and the sea envelop you in the calm of the place.
The care with detail and comfort of the guest will be the primacy of the owners who will receive you with an open heart.

You can see the hotel here:

To Book, please, reach us at the Message Box or contact us by email with your dates and number of people.

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